The ShoCobra ELD4 is a Ethernet CV LED driver with four channels output.

That means it can drive LED fixtures and LED tape directly from Art-Net.
It also has a sophisticated FX engine so create beautiful light shows even without Art-Net.

With a max load 0f 12A there is enough power to control lots of lights.


  • 4 channel output (RGBW)

    4 individual channels for output.

    Standard configured for RGBW output.

  • Art-Net input

    It will show up as a Art-Net compatible device in your software

  • Integrated color Picker

    A onboard color picker makes selecting a color for a fixture easy.

  • Interpolate output

    Option to interpolate the output. Useful if the input data rate is low.

  • Easy web GUI

    Use your favorite web browser to configure the ELD4.

  • Wide input range

    Voltage range: 8 – 28VDC
    Max current: 12A

  • DIN-Rail Small format

    Length: 53mm Width:90mm Height: 58mm

  • Detailed information and status

    See detailed information about the status.

    1. Current load and voltage per channel
    2. Interpolation latency
    3. Input FPS & Output FPS


  • Short-circuit protection

  • Over-current protection

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • IP20

Due to continuous improvements and innovations of all ShoCobra products, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.